Somebody is Watching

Data-driven manufacturing is playing a role in manufacturing decision making and will continue to. This article reveals where you can find data relevant to you business.

We all hear about data-driven manufacturing as a means to running a shop as efficiently as possible. Manufacturing equipment is being configured to generate real-time data that tells us how effective or how poorly a process is operating against a potential optimum.

Data is everywhere. The trick is analyzing the data and relating it specifically to the operation in question and being aware of industry trends moving forward. Enter Steven Kline Jr., director of market intelligence for Gardner Business Media. Gardner publishes a stable of manufacturing titles, including Production Machining and Modern Machine Shop.

The chart below shows capital equipment sales for machine tool types found in the precision turned products industry since 2010. We received a request from a reader who was working on a report for his parent company that included sales data relative to Swiss-type, multi-spindle, single-spindle machines and so on. This reader is looking for estimated sales potential for the industry.

The trend line for this sales data covers 2010 through 2015 and is a handy tool for these types of machine tools.

To help our readers stay abreast of trends, Steve writes a monthly column consolidating data that indicates a timelier view of the industry. Read Steve’s economics blog here, and read his column in the current issue—and every issue—of PM.