Something New For The New Year


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First, I want to wish each of you a happy, healthy and productive new year. As we turn the calendar, business for the precision parts making industry is looking better. It’s time, and it’s needed.

January also marks the third anniversary of Production Machining magazine. Thanks to your support through tough times, we continue to stand ready, as business improves, to help bring those with solutions together with those who have problems.

Starting with this issue of Production Machining, we’re introducing a new system to help you gather information or do research about the products, services and processes presented in the pages of the magazine. We call it PM Direct, and we think you’ll find it to be a convenient and efficient method to follow up on information you find of interest in the magazine.

Using PM Direct is simple. Here’s how it works: As you peruse the issue, look for the PM Direct logo. When you see the logo, you will also see a five-digit code attached to it. This code identifies the specific editorial item or advertisement you’re looking at. The PM Direct logo and code are usually at the bottom of the editorial or advertisement, like the old reader service number that it replaces.

To use PM Direct, find the logo located in the upper left-hand corner of the home page. In the space provided, enter the five-digit code, then click on the “GO” button. PM Direct will take you immediately to that supplier’s online Showroom.

Why go to a Showroom rather than directly to the supplier’s site? The Showroom concept gives you several options that aren’t generally available on a supplier site. For example, you can look up any articles or releases that have been published in Production Machining. You can also connect to a technology zone related to the supplier’s product, service or process and research similar suppliers.

Each supplier Showroom is set up on a template so you can find an e-mail address, supplier home page address, phone numbers, faxes and other relevant information in the same place consistently. This makes information gathering much easier. All that said, from the Showroom, you are only one click from the supplier’s own Web site if you choose to click through. Think of the Showroom as a base of operation from which to research a potential supplier.

PM Direct gives you an efficient method to gather information without giving information. Few things are as annoying as having a salesperson pester you before you’re at the point of discussing a purchase. With PM Direct, you can research one, two or 20 suppliers with anonymity. They know you visited the site, but they don’t know who you are.

If you are in a purchasing mode, researching suppliers through PM Direct allows you the time to create your short list, and then you choose to identify yourself when you want to get a quote or call the salesperson to discuss details. The e-mail function of the supplier Showroom automates even this part of a transaction.

PM Direct replaces the postpaid reader service card that has been in use by trade magazines since the 1950s. When the U.S. Mail and Ma Bell were the only game for requesting (and hopefully getting) information, it worked well, albeit slowly. Today, there are more and better options. PM Direct is now in place for you to take advantage of those options and to match your ability to get the information you need to the pace at which you need it. Try PM Direct—You’ll like it!