Time is the Only Finite Resource

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In many cases, your very livelihood depends on efficiency. If you can’t produce a part, get it out the door and make a profit doing it, your business is not long for this world. I should know, I once published the very magazine you are reading. Manufacturing has fared far better than the rest of the economy. The success of manufacturing is largely because of increasing productivity by improving a process, buying new equipment or both. 

IMTS represents one the best and most efficient opportunities for you to evaluate new manufacturing technologies. All of the world’s top equipment makers take a week in September to set up shop in McCormick Place to showcase the best in manufacturing technology. I can promise you one thing for 2012: The machines are faster, the cutting tools are improved and the processes presented will be the best they have ever been.

IMTS was born out of efficiency. And as a vendor to the show, our roots are there as well. Our product is software called Map Your Show, and we are lucky to call the International Manufacturing Technology Show a client. In fact, IMTS was our first client several years ago and helped develop the ideas for the software. It was natural for IMTS to create a more efficient show experience for the attendees, and we were happy to see that vision realized. While at IMTS, shop owners are using their one finite resource—time. In response, IMTS encourages you to create an agenda to maximize your time on the show floor.

Why should this be important to you? First, attending IMTS is a must. With more than 1,000,000 square feet of exhibit space featuring the latest in manufacturing technology, there will be products on display that will directly contribute to the future success of your business. Second, assuming that you are going to attend IMTS, creating an agenda will make the most of your time. This is how to do it:

Type imts.com into your favorite Internet browser; click the “Get Started” button on the bottom left of your screen. This will launch your free “MyShow Planner.” You can now find the products you are interested in to create a personalized agenda.

How can you find what you are looking for? Search by exhibitor name, product name, and booth number. Or you can filter your results by product category, pavilion, hall or geography. Many exhibitors also have interactive advertisements that explain more clearly what is going to be presented in their booth. All of this information is readily available before you enter McCormick Place in Chicago.

Once you find yourself in McCormick Place, there are several ways to navigate. First, IMTS offers a mobile app that is available in the App Store. Your agenda will sync up, so you have it hand.  Second, there are more than 60 kiosks on the show floor where your agenda is available to you.

There is even a native app on the iPad that will allow you to navigate the show, find exhibitors and search products. And as always, there will be printed directories and maps for those that are a bit less tech savvy or that just prefer the less electronic route.

The IMTS staff has gone to great lengths to help you make the most of your show experience.  However, the tough decisions are up to you. We can lead you to the technology providers, but you are going to have to evaluate which machine, which cutting tool and which process is best for you. Have a great show, and happy hunting!