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Value-Added Inspection


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Few in a production turning environment would argue the fact that, generally speaking, the need for better accuracies has steadily risen right along side increased workpiece complexity. But verifying these accuracies is still often a tough pill to swallow, considering the non-value-added nature of inspection. Producing good parts makes money, but checking them does not. Yet it still must be done.

So clearly, the faster parts can be checked accurately, the more productive and profitable a shop can be. To address this need, George Products Company has developed a non-contact, vision-based inspection system called the OASIS (optical automatic smart inspection system), designed for small parts (standard field of view of 1.7" × 1.4"). The system uses complicated edge detection and geometric recognition algorithms to automatically measure in real-time on the shop floor, making it fast and eliminating operator error. No matter how many dimensions are on the part, this machine inspects them all in a fraction of a second.

The on-screen display allows the operator to immediately see when a process starts to change and make the necessary adjustments before bad parts are made. By preventing bad parts, in effect, the system is allowing increased production of good parts, and therefore having a direct positive impact on the amount of money a shop brings in.

See "Faster Measurement of Complex Parts" to read more about the production advantages OASIS can bring to the shop floor.