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Turning Point


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Production Machining is now blogging. You can read our latest at productionmachining.com/blog. But before you jump on the computer/iPad/iPod or whatever, please read the following about why we think now is the time to for us and you to be involved in this medium as part of your business.
  Delivering relevant content to a targeted audience is and has always been the job description of a trade magazine editor. Either in print or online, we will never be about titillating our audience with J.LO’s latest appearance or Lindsay’s latest arrest. I’m pretty sure you could care less, but if you do care, there are other sources for the information.
  We are not such a source because you choose to use this trade magazine and others that come across your desk for business. A trade magazine’s differentiator is that they are designed to speak to businesses involved in a specific type of enterprise. That’s also the continuing content mission as we venture into new kinds of delivery methods, such as blogs, e-newsletters and other types of “social media.”
  Over the years in print, we editors have done what our title says: We’ve edited. We try to create a value-add for our readers by eliminating clutter and presenting material in the form of articles, commentaries, products and services that are of use to, in my case, the precision machined parts industry. You trust us to make calls on your behalf.
  As new ways of communicating with our audience evolve, it’s important for us to evaluate them. I see too often that message and content can become subservient to the medium. Silly words like blog, tweet, Facebook likes and others can mask the useful nature of these communication tools. In my opinion, these newer media are just that—tools. But tools that can deliver high value to a business audience like you.
  This is one reason we believe the time is right to launch a blog. I grew up using and eventually working in the print medium. There was some comfort in the 12-month cycle that our magazine world turned on.
  However, comfort zones are often traps as new technology comes on board. Change is inherent, and like it or not, survivors adapt while those who cling to what was, become what were.
  As the speed of change in manufacturing continues to accelerate, your need for relevant information to help move the business forward becomes ever more pressing. Basically, we feel that it’s time to augment the 12 issues of the magazine, using one of the tools available to us in the form of a blog. It’s there when you want it. 
  Initially, we plan to post content 3 to 4 times a week. Of course, part of the idea is to deliver items that are timelier than can be published monthly. In addition, as we plan to present products and processes that are of an immediate nature, we hope it helps to better keep track of our editorial travels to places and plants that may hold interest to you.   
  I see this as a work in process that will evolve with time and practice. For me, it has been fun writing for the blog because it is a different kind of communication style. It is not, however, a different content style, and this we believe is why you should consider checking it out periodically. 
  We know you like Production Machining the magazine because you ask to receive it. Now there is another means for you to check out what’s going on in the industry more frequently.
I ask that you use the convenient interactive nature of the blog to give us feedback about how you “like” it, but more important, consider it as a conduit to others in the industry. We want to know your ideas, impressions and news within your business in order to share them with our readers. Please keep us “posted” about what’s happening in your shop.