Why Business Media?


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In 2012, Production Machining’s parent company changed its name from Gardner Publications to Gardner Business Media. Some of you may have noticed other outlets for industrial news have done something similar to reflect the changing nature of content delivery.  

In 1928, when our company started, publishing a magazine was the primary (almost exclusive) communication vehicle available to disseminate information of interest to the manufacturing industry. Today, with the development of the Internet, publications (magazines) are only one of several means available to readers interested in keeping up with current technologies germane to the business of manufacturing.

Historically, technology developments tend to increase choices rather than eliminate what came before. For this reason, the addition of Internet-based media has not displaced publications, even though early on it did scare many publishers.  

Happily, my company was wise enough to see web-based media as a complement to magazine publishing, rather than a threat. Hence, we are Gardner Business Media.

Our thinking is that if we deliver content that speaks to the needs and interests of our readers, they will find it through various channels. Developing those channels, populating them with appropriate content and maintaining them keeps us relevant and useful to you.

However, content is a two-way street. I’ve said many times, “We don’t make this stuff up.” We are interested in hearing from sources that have something to contribute to Production Machining.

We editors review contributed material, determine its relevance, and if acceptable, determine which medium is appropriate. On the Internet side, we post blogs and this e-newsletter more frequently than we can publish the magazine.

To understand the kinds of material we look for, click here to review our guide for contributors.