IMTS Spark - Parts Cleaning

October 07 - 04, 2020

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The Parts Cleaning Series is the place to stay up to date on the latest cleaning technology. Now more than ever it is vital for manufacturers to provide high quality clean parts. Join us for the 6 part webinar series to learn how to provide the latest technology and stay within the environmental limitations. Our weekly Parts Cleaning series at IMTS Spark will provide in depth details on how to provide the best service to your customers and stay within your budget.

Learn from these cleaning industry leaders about how to clean and protect metal parts safely, and provide solutions and support to your shop:

  • Cleaning Technologies Group
  • EcoClean Group
  • JayCo Cleaning Technologies
  • Kyzen Corporation
  • Sugino Corp

Each session will provide a live Q&A with top of the line speakers, on demand content, and opportunities to network, these weekly sessions will provide relevant information for your business. Sign up for the series today!

IMTS Spark