How to reduce design and machining challenges in Aerospace Manufacturing with powerful CAM software

September 07

In today’s highly competitive aerospace market manufacturers must find ways to reduce design and manufacturing times while guaranteeing the highest levels of quality. This puts great pressure on component manufacturers to convert the designer's ideas and concepts into real parts as efficiently and accurately as possible. In this webinar, we will demonstrate highly advanced 5-axis strategies for control over toolpath and tool axis using Autodesk PowerMill®. PowerMILL can accept data from any CAD system, the combination of power, flexibility and ease of use ensures that users can generate roughing and finishing toolpaths which optimize the productivity of your CNC machine tools. 

Primary Topics: 
• Vise importation. 
• 2D recognition and toolpath editing along with 3D roughing and rest roughing. 
• Drilling automation and 5 axis drilling. 
• 5 axis & collision avoidance strategies. 

Presenter: Michael Grenier 
Michael Grenier transitioned to the Autodesk Manufacturing team after the Delcam transition in 2015. Before joining Delcam Michael was co-owner of Les Technologies an independent distributor for 11 years supporting customers of PowerMill PowerShape, FeatureCAM and PowerInspect in Quebec Canada. Michael’s expertise now focuses on advanced manufacturing and automation developing complex macros solving high complexity challenges for customers in a wide variety of industries throughout North American.

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