Parts Cleaning - Ultrasonic Cleaning Beyond Cavitation and Implosion

October 21 - 21, 2020

This presentation expands the elementary discussion of ultrasonic cavitation and implosion to include a detailed tutorial on considerations for the optimal deployment of ultrasonics in cleaning processes. Included will be discussions on the importance of tank and chamber design, transducer configuration and placement, ultrasonic power and ultrasonic frequency in the pursuit of best-in-class cleaning results. Presenters will review additional process parameters such as including cleaning time, temperature and chemistry selection in parallel with topics of transducer placement and ultrasonic frequency selection and their inter-related effects on ultrasonic cleaning performance. They will present the science behind advanced system configurations including double-boilers “tank in tank” designs for aggressive chemistries and “near-field” ultrasonic cleaning, as well as concepts in megasonic equipment and process design. The presentation will conclude with proposed challenges to some of the conventional wisdom and accepted best practices in ultrasonic cleaning and process technology.

IMTS Spark