Automation & Robots

Cobot Fleet Addresses Labor Shortage

An Ohio manufacturer deployed nine collaborative robots to improve and optimize the work environment, automating hard-to-staff tasks such as machine tending, assembly and product inspection.

Precision Machining — What Has Changed Since COVID-19 Began?

Is new technology the change? The essential workers that have been making parts that make a difference are the real change — and it is a positive change that bodes well for manufacturing, workforce and our economy.


When a CNC Turn-Mill Doesn’t Turn

A shop in Big Sky Country uses a B-axis multitasking machine to produce complex, prismatic medical parts that require no turning complete from barstock.

Parts Cleaning

Parts Cleaning Questions Resulting from COVID-19

While companies scramble to change processes practically overnight, they are forced to respond with creativity and flexibility, improving communication with customers and employees along the way.

CNC Machine Shops: How Engaged with Social Media Are You?

Engaging in social media can be an effective way for precision CNC machine shops to get the word out about their capabilities, culture and successes.

5 Tips for Maintaining a Virus-Free Workplace

Tom Forsythe, executive vice president, Kyzen Corp., provides some suggested guidelines on how to keep employees safe from COVID-19.

Effective Leadership Emerges During Trying Times

Effective machine shop leaders are those who give their team members the tools they need to carry out their duties as efficiently as possible when times are good and when times are bad. 


Our Precision Machining Industry Responds

This moment-in-time article describes the challenges multiple precision machine shops faced — and met — to support customers’ and employees’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strong Leaders of CNC Machine Shops will Create the New Normal

Strong leaders don’t just accommodate change, they embrace it. Strong leaders also don’t merely adjust to the new normal, they create it.

Business Activity Contraction Quickens as Economic Shutdown Endures

April’s New Orders and Production Activity Collapse as Index Falls to All-Time Low.

Precision Index Contracts as Coronavirus Disrupts

Multiple Index Components Report Record Lows

Sanitize Machine Controllers Regularly During Coronavirus Outbreak

Keeping your workers safe from the coronavirus makes it extremely important to institute a sanitizing procedure on all touch surfaces of the controller, screen and operating panel. I did some research and here’s what I found.

Precision Machining Industry Comes Together to Save Lives

PMPA member shops offered their capabilities to help the healthcare industry in its desperate need of ventilators for coronavirus patients. 

CNC Machine Shop Responds to Demand for Ventilator Valves

In light of needs to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Smith and Richardson has boosted production of six components used in ventilator valves. Here’s a bit about how the shop is managing this.

Consider Additive Manufacturers if Short on Parts

Disrupted supply chains are just one more effect of the coronavirus pandemic. These 3D printing service providers are ready to help fill production gaps with parts, tooling and prototypes. 

Automation & Robots

Interest in Robotic Automation for CNC Machine Shops Increasing

Have you considered how robots can be beneficial to your shop?

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for Coronavirus

To reduce the impact of the coronavirus outbreak conditions on businesses and employees, companies should act now to put appropriate measures in place.

Legal Advice for Employers Regarding Coronavirus

Here is a comprehensive Q&A list for important information about employment-related issues facing employers as the COVID-19 coronavirus situation develops.