AquaTec Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids

Cooling Lubricant Produces Low Emissions

Oelheld Adds Entry-Level Option to Sintogrind Series of Grinding Oils

GTL technology converts natural gas into high-quality liquid products that otherwise would be made from crude oil.

Metalworking Fluid Management and Best Practices

Cutting metal is a complex process involving many critical factors to be successful. Correctly applied metalworking fluids, including oils or coolant, is one of these critical factors.

The Surprising Value in Fluid Recovery

A crusher/wringer system delivers considerable cost, space and labor savings for a precision machining company.

Coolant Supplier Optimizes Customer’s Machining Process

When a precision manufacturer wanted to rebuild the production process for a medical part made on a rotary transfer machine, its metalworking fluids supplier provided more than a new cutting oil.

Castrol XBB Lubricant Designed for Aerospace

PMTS 2019: Castrol expands its XBB range with the Hysol SL 45 XBB.

QualiChem GTL-Based Oils Offer High Relative Flash Points

PMTS 2019: QualiChem offers more than 30 different GTL-based oils in a variety of viscosities and additive packages for use in numerous machining and turning operations.

Benz Kool 1300 Fluid Improves Surface Finish

PMTS 2019: The Benz lubricity fluid is said to enable faster cutting times, improve surface finishes and tolerances as well as 20-50 percent tool life improvement to a range of metal cutting and grinding operations.

Greenlight Fluid Monitor Delivers Control

PMTS 2019: The Greenlight Fluid Monitor from Houghton International is a self-contained, continuous measurement system for monitoring metalworking fluids.

Improving Process Efficiency with Metalworking Fluids

Using the right oils, coolants and lubricants can help a shop optimize machining processes, but there are many factors to weigh when choosing metalworking fluids.

Low-Foaming Metalworking Fluids Offer Corrosion Protection

Tech Cool 35058 and Tech Cool 35037 join Chemetall's line of metalworking fluids.

Mist Collector Removes Harmful Oil Mist and Particles

The mist collector filters and removes oil, coolant and water soluble mist from the air around enclosed machinery.

Masterall 1300 Coolant Used in High Pressure Applications

Etna Products’ Masterall 1300 is a water miscible, medium oil, low foaming semi-synthetic fluid designed for high pressure coolant applications. 

Dryness is the Name of the Game When Wringing Chips

Wringmaster Systems has combined a live bottom unit and a chip blower, reducing chip contact with expensive components while increasing dryness and recovering even more cutting fluid. 

FA 70 Ultrafine Filtration Technology Used for Regrinding

The Vomat FA 70 standalone filtration system has a maximum filtration capacity of 70 L per minute and provides clean oil in NAS 9 quality over a long service period.

Handte Oil Expert Mist Collector Removes Ultra-Fine Mists

Camfil APC’s Handte Oil Expert eliminates the ongoing housekeeping expenses required to remove oil from heating and cooling equipment, other machinery and workplace surfaces.

Why Honing Oils Matter

Like any metalworking process, honing relies on a systemized approach of components working in concert to deliver optimized results. Honing oil is one of these critical components, and this article examines the role it plays in a successful honing operation. 

Filtration Systems Ensure a Continuous Clean-Oil Supply

Vomat fine filtration systems filter to NAS 7 (3-5 microns), operate in full-flow mode and separate dirty and clean oil while the system filters and cleans the machine, meaning that the backflush cycle is initiated automatically for each individual filter element.

1/4 NPT No Drip Atomizing Spray Nozzle Covers 360 Degrees

Exair’s 1/4 NPT No Drip internal mix 360-degree hollow circular pattern atomizing spray nozzle can provide a smooth, even coating on the inside diameter of a pipe or similar ductwork and is also effective for operations where mist over a broad area is needed.

Sump Cleaner Transport Base Handles Coolant in Large Plants

Cecor’s CB6 Sump Shark sump cleaner transport base can move a sump cleaner through a plant between collection, treatment or disposal, and off the truck an operator can use controls to maneuver the unit into tight spots and next to machine tools.

Lubrication Coating System Requires Minimal Intervention

Layton Technologies’ lubrication coating system is an ATEX approved design with vapor detection, flame detection, fire protection and suppression system that includes ultrasonic agitation and subsurface jets to agitate the fluid when parts are being processed.

Fluid Reclamation Machine Restores Metalworking Fluids

Eriez HydroFlow’s SumpDoc portable inline fluid reclamation machine’s design has been updated to be simple to operate and small and lightweight enough to allow an operator to push it quickly and easily from location to location. 

VR8 High Pressure Coolant System Extends Machine Tool Life

MP Systems’ VR8 variable volume high pressure coolant system (HPCS) can extend machine tool life, improve part quality, and reduce cycle time, and is part of a line of HPCSs the company launched in late 2016.

Filtration Technology Separates Dirty and Clean Oil

Vomat’s full flow filtration technology separates dirty and clean oil and provides cleaned cooling lubricants to NAS 7 (3-5 μm) standards, allowing coolant to remain longer in the system than in conventional filter systems.