Index Contracts in September After a Promising August

All components report lower readings after August expansion.

On Race and Manufacturing

Racial inequality is everyone’s problem and we don’t have to agree on all of the answers in order to get started on some of them.

Economic Outlook Positive for Medical, Defense Industries

This economic outlook from ITR Economics includes predictions of how well certain manufacturing sectors will do in the foreseeable future, as well as advice on making investments and using low interest rates to your advantage.  

Create a Virtual Tour of Your Shop

Open houses and tours are techniques leading CNC machine shops use to market their operations to prospective new customers and new hires. It’s also possible to do this digitally like Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions has, which is helpful in these strange days of social distancing.

Parts Cleaning

Opportunity for More Efficient Productivity

Difficult times teach us to create workarounds that are often more efficient than our previous processes. This is true for the parts cleaning industry and the Parts Cleaning Conference committee. 

Index Gains 3 Points to Register First Expansionary Reading Since COVID-19

Production and new orders activity bolster Index to best reading since 2019.

Shining Light on New Machining Technology

Equipment and software that can enable precision CNC machine shops to grow and become more efficient continue to be developed.

Uncertainty and Change in 2020

Procrastinating to avoid change is always rooted in some form of fear.

Shop Management Software

Use Your Machine Shop Management System as a Sales Tool

Why not leverage an effective shop management system for your sales/marketing advantage in today’s competitive market?

Index Moves Markedly Higher After Falters in Second Quarter

July reading advances 11 points, closing gap with other manufacturing technologies.

Let Them Move the Table

Empower your employees to make a lot of little changes and improvements to make their job in your machine shop easier. Small increments of improved efficiency add up quickly.

Parts Cleaning

Dealing with Failed Cleanliness Limits

Markus Rossler, vice president, Glaeser Inc., offers guidelines for ensuring parts cleaning standards.

TikTok, Manufacturing and Data Analytics

Small to midsize manufacturers have scores of data available to them and can leverage it in much the same way that billion-dollar conglomerates do

Reduction of Lead in Aluminium Alloys

Eural has developed free-machining aluminum alloys, including lead-free and tin-free alloys.

Opportunity Within a Tragedy

Ruthie Johnston exemplifies the type of leadership needed in times of unexpected change.

Production Machining Index Remains Unchanged from May

Index registers higher new orders and production readings, quickening supplier deliveries

CNC Machine Shops: How Engaged with Social Media Are You?

Engaging in social media can be an effective way for precision CNC machine shops to get the word out about their capabilities, culture and successes.

Defining Your Niche

Develop your shop into a niche shop and your customers will come. Become an expert in your niche and customers will keep coming back to you.

Production Machinists Report Slowing Decline in Business Conditions

Index signals decelerating contraction as all components report improved readings.

Effective Leadership Emerges During Trying Times

Effective machine shop leaders are those who give their team members the tools they need to carry out their duties as efficiently as possible when times are good and when times are bad. 

It’s Meant to Make People Quit

Lessons on Surviving the COVID-19 Crisis from a Navy SEAL

Strong Leaders of CNC Machine Shops will Create the New Normal

Strong leaders don’t just accommodate change, they embrace it. Strong leaders also don’t merely adjust to the new normal, they create it.

Business Activity Contraction Quickens as Economic Shutdown Endures

April’s New Orders and Production Activity Collapse as Index Falls to All-Time Low.

Parts Cleaning

Part Cleanliness is Second Nature

While the general public has ramped up its concern about cleanliness, I can’t help but think about shops that have parts cleaning operations that are always concerned about cleaning.