HRSA Machining

Heat resistant super alloys (HRSAs) are used for aircraft parts facing some of the most extreme performance demands. The materials may be called “exotic,” but how to machine them doesn’t need to be obscure. Look to these resources for more on machining HRSAs:

Jet Engine Combustion Case Machine Time Reduced
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has repeatedly improved its manufacturing process for these complex parts, thanks to fruitful partnerships.

Efficient Machining of HRSA Jet Engine Components
A balanced process involves the machine, tools, geometries and tool materials, as well as the machining strategy.

Sialon Grade Provides Improved HRSA Machining
An extension to the Sialon grade CC6060 range supports turning and milling of heat resistant superalloys.

HRSA Component Solution Selector
Select from various engine components to find the tools and cutting techniques best suited to that part.

Video: Milling Inconel 718 with Cermic Inserts