Milling Aerospace Alloys

The choice of milling cutter and milling tool path, among other factors, contribute to the success of a titanium or HRSA milling application. Here are milling tips:

Speedier HRSA and Titanium Machining with End Mills
Here are some tips for achieving good tool life, machining time, surface quality and security with carbide end mills.

Let the Tool Path Help the Tool
An aerospace CAM programmer describes how toolpath techniques extend tool life and improve performance.

Milling of HRSA Materials
A list of the process requirements for milling superalloys.

CAM Programming Tip: Trochoidal Milling
Trochoidal milling uses the low radial engagement of high speed machining while maintaining a constant feed per tooth.

Video: Milling Inconel 718 with Cermic Inserts