Dürr Ecoclean Relaunches as Independent Brand Ecoclean

Originally titled 'Dürr Ecoclean Relaunches as Independent Brand Ecoclean'

The company formerly active as Dürr Ecoclean relaunched itself as an independent brand under the name Ecoclean and started doing business under the umbrella of the SBS Ecoclean Group on October 24, 2017 at parts2clean.

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Following the sale of Dürr’s majority stake to mechanical engineering firm SBS Group (Shenyang Blue Silver), the company formerly active as Dürr Ecoclean has relaunched itself as an independent brand under the name Ecoclean. The company started doing business under the umbrella of the SBS Ecoclean Group on October 24, 2017 at parts2clean, the international trade fair for part and surface cleaning technology in Stuttgart, Germany.

Since its foundation in 1956, Ecoclean has gained international prominence in industrial cleaning technology under the umbrella of Dürr AG. Today, Ecoclean and UCM are united as an independent brand under the umbrella of the SBS Ecoclean Group. The latter’s core business, now as in the future, is industrial part cleaning and water-based surface processing. 

The relaunch will enable the group to develop and progress in many spheres. “As Dürr Ecoclean we already had a worldwide presence, with production sites in China, India, the U.S.A. and Mexico catering to the respective local markets. In order to get still closer to the customer and to tap growth markets more effectively, we shall be accelerating the expansion of our global activities, albeit with a regional focus,” says Michael Förster, managing director, Ecoclean GmbH, Monschau, describing an objective of the realignment.

“We also expect growth at other local companies to generate additional jobs at our German sites,” adds Frank Ringat, managing director, Ecoclean GmbH, Filderstadt. This trend is to be reinforced by the fact that Ecoclean’s German operations at Filderstadt and Monschau will continue to act as global competence centers for all SBS Ecoclean Group companies. At the level of contacts and business relations, customers and partners can likewise rely on proven structures. Responsibilities and contact data in sales, service, spare parts and administrative departments remain unchanged.

The management’s attention is focused not just on the world map, but also on the cleaning and surface processing divisions united within Ecoclean. Developments in the cleaning segment will keep playing a priority role. Concurrently, activities in the field of surface processing are due to be expanded.