8/6/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Global Shop Solutions Integrates Customer Feedback Feature into ERP Software

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Global Shop Solutions integrates the Canny application into its ERP software to enable customers to more easily provide feedback.


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Global Shop Solutions, a provider of ERP software for small to medium-size manufacturers, recently announced the integration of Canny, a software application for gathering, organizing and analyzing customer feedback, into its ERP software.

“Since day one, customer feedback has played an integral role in the ongoing development of our manufacturing software,” says Chris Okamuro, vice president and chief technology officer. “Integrating Canny into our ERP software suite gives our customers a simple, transparent and responsive mechanism for submitting product enhancement feedback. Formally tracking the data in one place enables us to make better decisions about which new features would benefit large portions of our user base.”

Canny, founded by two former Facebook employees, will enable Global Shop Solutions’s customers to provide feedback without having to log out of the software, enter requests for product enhancement, search all requests made by other customers, upvote requests that are similar to theirs and comment on other requests.The application will be built into the company’s next system version upgrade.

“Canny promotes more of a feeling of community within our customer base,” says Mr. Okamuro. “Not only can our customers see the kinds of challenges their peers are dealing with, they can also contribute ideas for possible solutions, which helps everyone.”