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Jenfab Welcomes New Managers to its Staff

Mark Proffitt and Kirsten Tuter join Jenfab as plant manager and quality manager, respectively.


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Jenfab Cleaning Solutions announces two new additions to its staff—Mark Proffitt and Kirsten Tuter.

Mark Proffitt

Mr. Proffitt is Jenfab’s new plant manager and brings with him many years of manufacturing experience. Prior to joining Jenfab, Mark worked as a vice president of operations for Baker Manufacturing Co., where one of his main responsibilities was the oversight of all manufacturing for the company. In addition, he has served as a professional manufacturing consultant, plant manager and director of manufacturing at other companies.

Mr. Proffitt also served in the Navy and holds a MBA from Columbus University and a Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from the Navy Campus Program.

Also joining the company is Kirsten Tuter, Jenfab’s first quality manager. Prior to joining Jenfab, she was quality manager at Jarden Plastic Solutions. In addition, she has held positions as a stainless-steel fabricator, mechanical designer/drafter, quality specialist and senior quality specialist. Ms. Tuter’s responsibilities include developing new processes and procedures to streamline workflow and ensure consistency throughout the company’s product lines.

Kirsten Tuter

Kirsten Tuter

Ms. Tuter holds an associate degree in mechanical design and drafting from Red Rocks Community College, and has earned the American Society of Quality’s certifications as a Certified Quality Inspector, Certified Lead Internal Auditor and Certified Quality Technician.



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