Mastercam Celebrates 35 Years in Business

CNC Software Inc., developers of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, started in 1983 when three brothers came up with a concept for programming CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools. 


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CNC Software Inc., developers of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, is celebrating 35 years in business. In 1983, two brothers, Mark and Jack Summers, came up with a concept for programming CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools. A third brother, Brian Summers, joined and together they developed a PC-based CAD/CAM software package that laid the foundation for what would be Mastercam.

“It started out as a simple idea,” says Chairman Mark Summers. “I was a machinist. My brother was a mathematician. We combined our experience to put what was out of reach for most shops—NC programming software—right onto their desktops.” Since then they have advanced dozens of technologies for those shops, including smart tool paths, hybrid machining, mill-turn, multi-axis, their proprietary Dynamic Motion technology, as well as basic packages for milling, turning, and wire EDM. In addition to manufacturers, the company has focused on selling and supporting Mastercam in the education sector since its inception. 

They first called the software program “Meghan,” named after Mark Summers’ eldest daughter, and then changed to Mastercam as a clearer descriptive of the software’s primary function. Today, Meghan West is the CEO and Mastercam is closing in on almost a quarter million installations at the end of 2017.

“Mastercam users help drive our innovation,” Ms. West says. “We’re in constant contact with shops, machine tool builders, educators, tooling suppliers, and they all help us focus on what shops need the most now and in the future, so we can deliver.

“One of the biggest reasons for our success is our global dealer network—probably the largest and most experienced in the CAM industry,” Ms. West continues. “They are true partners with our customers, offering advice, training, and applications experience to Mastercam users around the world. We’re also extremely proud to be the number one CAD/CAM program being taught by technology teachers in schools, colleges, and universities. Helping to train the next generation of skilled manufacturing personnel is an important mission of ours.”