MMS Columnist Receives Engineering Design Awards at ASME

Tim Simpson received two awards for his contributions as a researcher in the field of engineering design optimization.

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Tim Simpson, a professor and researcher known for his knowledge within the
realm of product design and additive manufacturing, was the recipient of two awards at the 2018 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and the Computers and Information in Engineering Conference.

The Design Automation Award recognizes an outstanding researcher in the field of engineering design optimization, and the Robert E. Abbot Award recognizes outstanding service contributions to the Design Engineering Division of ASME. Dr. Simpson, the Paul Morrow Professor in Engineering Design and Manufacturing, received both awards at the event, held August 26-29 in Quebec City, Canada.

The organization recognized Dr. Simpson for his contributions to the field of design automation through his research in product-family and product-platform design, design space visualization, and additive manufacturing. His work is among the most widely cited within the design-automation community, and his impact extends into industry, having engaged over 500 practitioners from companies around the world. Dr. Simpson is also the writer of Modern Machine Shop’s Additive Insights column every issue.

Dr. Simpson has been active in the ASME Design Engineering Division for 20 years, having served in a variety of leadership roles on technical and conference planning committees. Most recently he has helped position the division as an  innovator within ASME’s newly formed Design, Materials and Manufacturing Segment, which encompasses over a dozen different technical conferences and events.


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