Paperless Parts and Online Metals Partner for On-Demand Materials Pricing

Partnership enables faster, simpler quote delivery with built-in materials pricing and geometry engine.


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Paperless Parts is partnering with Online Metals to streamline the materials pricing quoting process for engineers and custom part manufacturers. Through this partnership, Paperless Parts will combine its understanding of how part geometry drives materials selection with Online Metals’ instant materials pricing. As part of the partnership, Online Metals will provide free access to this tool for one year for its customers who sign up for Paperless Parts.

By integrating Online Metals’ materials expertise with Paperless Parts’ technology,  Paperless Viewer, estimators will have access to an engineering tool that analyzes part manufacturability, which is said to enable estimators to deliver more accurate, comprehensive quotes with the right pricing in minutes, rather than days or weeks. This solution is designed to address key challenges related to selecting and pricing raw metals, as well as offering Paperless Viewer users access to an engineering tool that analyzes part manufacturability. With this tool, users can now answer another key question in the quoting process: “Can I make these parts?” 

Using the Paperless Viewer, engineers and custom part manufacturers will have the ability to quickly:

• View and securely store all 2D and 3D CAD file formats 

• Calculate optimal materials requirements (bars, rods and nested sheets) for every job and get instant pricing and purchasing options from Online Metals

• Determine if a part is manufacturable based on configurable manufacturability thresholds

• Securely and digitally chat with their teams and share design feedback with customers

“In today’s supply chain, engineers have access to modern solutions that allow them to design parts using advanced technology,” says Jason T. Ray, co-founder and CEO of Paperless Parts. “By providing both engineers and manufacturers with access to the Paperless Viewer and instant materials pricing from Online Metals, we are allowing them to collaborate more effectively and deliver an accurate product to their customer more quickly than ever.”

According to Online Metals, its mission is to offer faster ways to price and purchase metals regardless of the quantity or size required. “Not only can our customers now calculate the material requirements of a specific job and seamlessly order materials, they can rest assured that they have the ability to accurately manufacture that part – a game changer for purchasing materials online,” says Greg Raece, president of Online Metals.