Partnership between Boeing Portland and Haimer Intensifies

The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development (OMIC R&D) continues to grow a strong membership base with the addition this month of Haimer.

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The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC) R&D continues to grow its membership base with the addition of Haimer. With a total now of 17 manufacturing industry partners and three Oregon public universities, the Scappoose, Oregon, R&D facility continues an operation intended to develop advanced metals manufacturing technologies through its collaborative research and development activities.

Through this partnership, Boeing—with its center of excellence and main production plant for heavy metal machining in Portland, Oregonis intensifying its strategic partnership with Haimer by sponsoring a joint membership at OMIC R&D. The partnership reaches back more than 10 years to when Boeing adopted Haimer’s Safe-Lock pull-out protection system, which has since become the Boeing standard for roughing in milling operations.

“Boeing is very carefully vetting and inviting members to partner up and contribute to OMIC R&D,” says William Gerry, Global Technology program manager for Boeing Research and Technology. “We are delighted about the new membership of Haimer, who we know as a high-quality toolholding, shrinking, balancing and presetting technologies company that Boeing has relied on heavily and exclusively for this service.”

“We are proud and happy to be closely associated with Boeing as a leading aircraft manufacturer and one of our biggest global customers,” says Andreas Haimer, president of the Haimer Group. “The investment and membership at OMIC R&D is a clear commitment to the community, our customers and the entire manufacturing industry in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and American manufacturing.”