11/13/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Parts Cleaning Trade Show Boasts Largest Booked Space in Its History

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The parts2clean show in Stuttgart, Germany, also drew some 4,900 attendees, more than half of whom say parts cleaning is becoming increasingly important in their industries.


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The 15th edition of the parts2clean show for industrial parts and surface cleaning was the biggest in its history, ranking also among the best in terms of attendance. Held October 24-26, 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany, the show featured 253 exhibitors from 16 countries.

Booths and displays filled more than 78,500 square feet, making it the biggest parts2clean ever in terms of booked space. Over its three-day run, parts2clean attracted some 4,900 trade visitors, which is nearly 20 percent more than the 2015 edition. Visitors came from a total of 41 countries, 24 percent of which came from outside Germany.

“We encountered a lot of international visitors – people from countries like France, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Turkey,” says Detlef Lang, Technical Sales Optical Microscopy with Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH. “Most of them were here primarily in order to gather information, but there were also some with specific projects in mind who requested quotes right then and there.”

The show was attended by representatives of a very diverse range of industries, organizers say. The top industries of origin were mechanical engineering, chemical and process engineering, and surface finishing. The automotive industry also had a strong showing, holding steady at 32 percent of the total trade visitor turnout. More than half of visitors surveyed said they feel that parts cleaning is going to become increasingly important in their industries.

The growing importance of parts cleaning is not confined to the German-speaking world, a fact evident in the strong interest among international visitors in the show’s English-language guided tours and in the translated presentations at the parts2clean forum.