Porta’s Gamification Initiative Helps Customers Determine Machining Needs

Game focuses on Porta production method, which has its roots in Lean Manufacturing concepts, but is optimized and simplified for machine tool users.


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Porta Solutions has utilized a gamification strategy to create learning modules for customers to better understand and apply the Porta production method, which focuses on flexible production. According to the company, this method has its roots in lean manufacturing concepts, but is optimized and simplified for machine tool users.

The “game” consists of learning modules and involvement that uses some elements of a classic computer game to encourage participation and application, reinforcing the learning of new skills through competition. The company says that this approach can be applied to internal contests involving staff, both technical and managerial, where teams of employees are called to make proposals on innovation projects or learning technical or managerial concepts.

Through the game simulations, users can use concrete numbers to ascertain which machinery options best fit their needs. By correctly objectifying the various items that make up the piece cost, participants can understand the break even point in order to reach the optimal solution.

The Porta Production Method, which has been used in practical applications for five years, is also summarized in a book by Maurizio Porta, CEO of Porta Solutions and creator of the Porta Production Method. The book gives step-by-step explanations of the method and gives readers insights on various techniques which can enable them to improve their production. The book is already available in Italian and will be published in both English and German in 2021.