Seco Machine Begins Production at New Building

The company moved into the larger facility to address increased customer demand for its metal machining and cast urethane production services. 


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Driven by higher customer demand and expectations of further growth, Seco Machine recently began production at its new manufacturing plant. The new facility in the city of Green, close to the Akron-Canton Airport, includes 120,000 square feet of manufacturing, distribution and office space—  about 60 percent more than Seco’s previous site in North Canton. 

Seco is enjoying growth in both of its primary lines of business, including the metal machining and contract manufacturing work it has done since its establishment in 1985 and the cast urethane production it began in 2010. 

“In addition to adding space to support our growing volume, we have also rearranged much of our production into lean manufacturing cells that conserve space and increase efficiency,” said Thomas Seccombe, vice president and general manager.“We have also added another robotic cell and a new urethane dispensing line. We’re all very excited about this additional capability to meet the needs of our customers in a safe, clean, productive environment.”  

The new plant employs more than 100 people and is looking to hire additional staff.