Tsugami/Rem Sales Celebrate 40th Anniversary

Originally titled 'Partnership Celebrates 40th Anniversary'

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Tsugami/Rem Sales, a partnership started in 1978 with Rem Sales as the exclusive source for Precision Tsugami CNC machine tools across North America.

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Tsugami/Rem Sales, the North American importer of Precision Tsugami machine tools. In 1978, Tsugami and Rem Sales began a partnership with Rem Sales as the exclusive source for Precision Tsugami CNC machine tools across North America. Headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, Tsugami/Rem Sales, a division of Morris Group Inc., provides machine tools and engineering expertise through a network of authorized distributors and two technical centers in Fullerton, California, and Roselle, Illinois.

“Precision Tsugami CNC lathes, Swiss-type CNC lathes and CNC milling machines are known around the world for their machining and positioning accuracy, exacting construction techniques, flexible designs, high speed, and reliability,” says Brad Morris, CEO and president, Morris Group Inc. “We are proud to offer only the best machines to the manufacturing industry.” 

Throughout the years, Tsugami/Rem Sales and Morris Group Inc. worked in parallel to transform the machine tools market with offers including a whirling unit for thread cutting and the Tsugami LaserSwiss machine line. Most recently, the LaserSwiss has been equipped with two laser heads, one for cutting and another for welding. These offerings are only a few of the options offered to assist customers.

“We at Rem Sales are incredibly honored to have such a longstanding partnership with Precision Tsugami,” says Michael Mugno, vice president, Tsugami/Rem Sales LLC. “The Tsugami/Rem Sales relationship is based on innovation and collaboration. Together, it is our mission to create advancements that benefit the manufacturing industry and provide exceptional customer service to all of our users directly and through distribution.” 

Rem Sales is celebrating its 40th year with Tsugami by enhancing its engineering staff with added faces as well as Swiss and Universal Product managers, adding new machine offerings to the market such as the Tsugami M08J, and integrating new technology options to Swiss-type machines including the MachineMetrics Remote Health platform for superior customer support and service in addition to a number of other developments.

As an additional part of the Tsugami/Rem Sales 40th Anniversary celebration, the website, www.remsales.com, has been updated with a machine database and also includes a resources section with news, events, customer testimonials, videos and a services tab.