Up! Network Wins Manufacturing Mobile App Award

The Up! Network wins Best Manufacturing Mobile Application award in the “Best of Industry” category from the Web Marketing Association.


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The Up! Network has been awarded a MobileWebAward from the Web Marketing Association (WMA), winning the Best Manufacturing Mobile Application award in the “Best of Industry” category. Awards were given at two levels within each of the categories. Those that received the highest average score within a given category were awarded a “Best of Industry” MobileWebAward.

The Up! Network is a service network that connects industrial manufacturers to technicians who can repair and service their machinery. It was created to address the need to reduce downtime and assist manufacturers in finding service at a time when there exists a shortage of skilled industrial technicians. With the video-chat option and ability for real-time interaction, remote machine diagnostics and repair can begin before a service provider is on site, saving both time and money. 

“We are thrilled to receive this award as we celebrate three years in business,” says David Rhodes, The Up! network director of sales and customer success.

According to the company, Up! has experienced tremendous growth in the number of users, while making significant improvements to the technology in the areas of connectivity, chat interaction and real-time video conferencing. These enhancements have all been in response to the needs of machine tool service requesters and providers.

“Our core vision is to make it easier to connect service requesters and field service providers to facilitate efficient, effective machine repair,” Rhodes says. “Upgrades to our platform are ongoing as we strive to provide a depth of service and reliability that our users can count on each time they connect.”

The app can be downloaded free from the Apple App or Google Play stores or users can access the network directly at app.theupapp.com.