ZPS America to Host Technology Days in Indianapolis

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As part of the May 16-17 event, ZPS will introduce its business partner, transfer machine manufacturer Gozio. 


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As part of a Technology Days event May 16-17, 2018, ZPS America will display its machine tool technology at its Indianapolis, Indiana, facility. The company will display what it calls the world’s biggest and fastest eight-spindle CNC Multi machine with bar capacity ranging to 3". ZPS will also show several new CAM Multi machines with CNC slides (as well as rebuilt versions); Cucchi bar loaders with bar capacity ranging to 3" (along with double-feed and rebuilt versions); and the ZPS Swiss line being introduced to the U.S. market for the first time. 

During the event, ZPS will introduce Gozio, a family-owned machine tool company and business partner of ZPS making transfer machines in Italy. 

Factory representatives will inform attendees about the latest developments, and a shuttle service will bring visitors to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to watch the Indy 500 time trials and enjoy a barbecue meal in the infield.

Those interested in attending should reserve a slot by emailing sales@zpsamerica.com or calling 317-452-4034. 


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