12-ft. Magazine Bar Feeder for CNC Lathes

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Edge Technologies’ Minuteman 320 GEN II is an economical magazine bar feeder for the production machining industry.

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Edge Technologies’ Minuteman 320 GEN II is an economical magazine bar feeder for the production machining industry. This feeder is a 12-ft. magazine bar feeder for feeding round, square and hexagonal barstock into CNC lathes. The bar feeder features a 3- 20-mm bar diameter capacity with hydrodynamic quick-change polyurethane guide channels. An extruded aluminum case surrounds the Minuteman’s polyurethane guide channels, increasing strength and stability. This channel configuration is flooded with oil to create a hydrodynamic effect, resulting in higher RPM with reduced noise and vibration.

Dual anti-vibration devices stabilize the barstock at two critical points between the guide channel and lathe spindle, maximizing RPM potential. Its adjustable roller design provides superior support and easy setup of all bar diameters without the cost of multiple bearing blocks, the company says.

As a standard feature on the Minuteman 320 GEN II, the synchronization device for Swiss-type lathes employs an electro-magnetic coupling, mechanically linking the lathes’ headstock’s Z-axis travel to the bar feeder’s pusher to ensure synchronous movement and no loss of connection between the barstock and pusher collet. 


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