815BTX's Dual Tank Cleans 3D Parts Safely

Originally titled 'Clean Parts Safely and Efficiently'
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This cleaning unit’s dual tank/dual action cleans 3D parts safely and efficiently.

Plural Additive Manufacturing, a North American distributor for industrial 3D printers manufactured by 3ntr, is offering Omegasonics’ 815BTX cleaning unit to those purchasing its 3D printers to assist with removing support material.

The 815BTX is a dual-tank, benchtop ultrasonic cleaning machine that is designed to be a versatile and cost-effective soluble support removal system. The model’s left tank uses BioSolv, a biodegradable, non-hazmat cleaning detergent developed by Plural that is said to be superior to sodium-hydroxide (NaOh). The unit’s right tank simply uses hot water. Its programmable dual action cleans 3D-printed parts safely and efficiently. Ultrasonic technology is used to optimize the cleaning of precision areas and is combined with agitation to thoroughly remove support material. The 815BTX also features programmable alternating cycles to provide hands-off cleaning from start to finish.


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