Advanced Grinding Technology Produce Quality Cutters

PMTS 2021: Grinding equipment such as linear-motion machines enable this company to grind a range of cutter types.


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Advanced Tooling Inc. has more than 40 CNC cutter grinders, including new machines from Walter, Anca, Rollomatic, Unison and TruTech enabling it to produce tooling such as end mills, step drills, step reamers, form tools and other tools. In fact, 11 of these are linear motion machines, which are said to produce a high surface finish. It has also incorporated 21 robots. ATI has three off-line wheel dressers to maintain the diamond wheels used in the grinding process and has recently added its second 21-vessel Transor filtration system (down to 1 micron) to deliver clean, chilled oil to the grinding machines. The company says the clean, chilled oil creates a cleaner and cooler grind to create a better cutting edge on the tool. In addition, a variety of coatings and edge-preps are offered for added performance and tool life.