Automated JobShop Cell Pro Designed for High-Mix, Medium-Volume Machining

Machine accommodates multiple infeed and outfeed options for a range of part and capacity requirements.


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JobShop Cell Pro

                 JobShop Cell Pro 

Methods Machine Tools’ JobShop Cell Pro is an automation solution for medium-volume applications, which features the RoboDrill D21SiBadv vertical machining center series. The JobShop Cell Pro incorporates a main enclosure with several different pre-engineered, end-of-arm and infeed/outfeed options for a range of part and capacity requirements.

The cell features an industrial grade, articulating FANUC 6-axis robot in a versatile aluminum enclosure, which enables the RoboDrill to be placed on the left or right side, or in a twin cell with two machines. In the twin cell, two side-by-side RoboDrill machines with a FANUC robot entering from the side of each machine gives operators full, open access to the front of the RoboDrills for tool changes, offsets and maintenance. Removable panels on the common enclosure enable several different infeed and outfeed options, including conveyors, drawers and lazy susan-style pallet systems, as well as interfaces for vibratory and other bulk feeding solutions.

The compact, high-speed RoboDrill D21SiBadv offers multi-axis simultaneous machining with a 10,000- or 24,000-rpm BBT-30 spindle. Customers may choose from a 3-, 4- or 5-axis configured RoboDrill, and an array of standard hydraulic or pneumatic workholding options. The RoboDrill features 1.3 second chip-to-chip tool change and 1.5 G acceleration/deceleration. A FANUC 31i-B5 Nano CNC controller provides fast FSSB high-speed processing.


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