Automatic Bar Feeder Provides Visual Status of Bars

The bar feeder can handle up to 4 1/8″ diameter bars up to 72″ long.

The Tracer Vs-105XL, available from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies, is a bar feeder designed for heavy bars. It can handle up to 4 1/8″ diameter bars up to 72″ long. The bar feeder’s magazine rack has a maximum capacity of five bars at 4 1/8″ (105 mm) diameter. The external LED light bar provides a visual status of pusher position, amount of bar remaining, notification of last bar, and flashing notification of machine or bar feeder alarms. This feature is standard on all of the company’s short loaders and magazine bar feeders.

The operator-friendly HMI display system has a touchscreen and contains automatic system settings and a moveable hand-held remote controller. The quick-change pusher is designed to be changed manually without any tools. A top-cut optical sensor precisely measures each bar’s length and automatically adjusts. The standard rail retract system allows the bar feeder to move back and away from the CNC lathe at a 45-degree angle for convenient spindle liner changes and access to the machine’s headstock area for ease of maintenance. The Vs-105XL’s PLC control is fully functional with comprehensive data bank software and interfaces with any CNC lathe.