Bar Feeder Technology

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IEMCA offers several bar feeders including the Elite 112, the Smart 320 and the Prodigy. The Elite 112 can feed bars of 0.

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IEMCA offers the Elite 112, which can feed bars of 0.8 mm to 12.7 mm, even on lathes with very high rotation and headstock acceleration speeds without limiting performance. It includes a minimum internal (-40 percent) mechanical synchronization system to ensure precision following of headstocks, even those actuated by linear motors, regardless of bar diameter. The bar feeders have been engineered with closed, calibrated, round section channels, enabling high performance, even with high-rotation spindle speeds. No special adjustments are necessary when switching jobs, and quick-fit channels help minimize retooling time.

Other bar feeder and gantry loader technology the company offers includes the Smart 320 bar feeder, the Prodigy bar feeder, the Automata gantry loader, and the Master 880 and VIP80 bar feeders.



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