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Big Kaiser’s Noventa Cutter has Advanced Geometry for Front, Back Chamfering

Tool transforms chamfering process to improve cycle time, tool life and surface quality.


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Big Kaiser’s Noventa Cutter

Big Kaiser’s Noventa Cutter 

Big Kaiser’s Noventa from Sphinx, part of its milling cutter lineup, is said to be well suited for 90-degree front and back chamfering, as well as deburring holes up to 4xD. Chamfering the entry and exit of 0.80 mm to 6.0 mm holes can be a tedious, time-consuming process, but the company says that the Noventa can transform this process using an innovative geometry that improves cycle time, tool life and surface quality.

Finished holes and parts are often deburred using inefficient operations that lack repeatability. Noventa is equipped with four flutes and four coolant channels to optimize performance and cycle time for these operations.

The company says that Noventa offers longer tool life through the use of modern double-layer coating techniques. This milling tool is said to also provide great surface finish due to its reinforced shank diameter and edge-breaking capabilities, which is a critical final step for creating a part that looks and feels like a finished product and is safe to handle.


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