Bio-Based Cleaner Boosts D-Limonene Performance

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High-performing, bio-based cleaning ingredient addresses supply limitations of d-limonene and boosts performance.


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Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc.’s Elevance Clean product is a high-performing, bio-based cleaning ingredient that reduces supply for d-limonene buyers and boosts performance of d-limonene formulations, especially those used in asphalt/tar removal and degreasing applications.

Elevance Clean 1000 is easily blended into d-limonene formulas because its HLB requirement is 11-13, similar to that of d-limonene, the company says. Overall formulation costs can be reduced by blending Elevance Clean 1000 with d-limonene, which faces increasing prices because of supply constraints and strong demand.

While the product is also produced from natural oils, its feedstock supply is not affected or challenged by seasons, weather or other hard-to-control variables that impact the supply availability of d-limonene. This product is also safe for aviation-grade aluminum and other key structural alloys (such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and more).

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