Caron's CNC Senor Monitoring System Updated with Versatile Applications

Dtect-IT can also monitor frequency levels and set magnitude limits to detect anomalies within specific frequency bands. 


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First released in 2016, Caron Engineering’s Dtect-IT detects vibration levels and irregularities anywhere on a CNC machine tool or fixture. The system has been updated, now capable of communicating with multiple sensors, including vibration, strain, high precision power and analog. It can connect sensors with a 0 to ±10 VDC analog signal, and 4 – 20 mA current signals. The software has multiple analysis options enabling the user to monitor and scrutinize sensor data in various ways.

Using limit analysis, the user can set limits to monitor any of the compatible sensors. Dtect-IT has a learn mode to automatically set limits based on sensor data. Limits can also be set manually using adjustable sliders. The system can also monitor frequency levels and set magnitude limits to detect anomalies within specific frequency bands. Alarms and notifications are generated when limits are exceeded.

By attaching a vibration sensor to the bar feeder, limits can be set to detect excessive vibration levels due to imperfections in the bar. Dtect-IT can signal the CNC to reduce spindle RPM until the vibration levels are suitable or stop the machine if extreme vibration levels are detected. Fault detection analysis can be used with any sensor to identify an excessive condition, such as machine impact, overheating, extreme vibration, and so on. ​​​The system recognizes when upper and lower limits are exceeded and records data on either side of the fault for analysis.

The software analyzes the velocity and acceleration signatures of a vibration sensor to monitor spindle bearing health. Results are displayed within 5 seconds, and reports are automatically generated and saved for future analysis. Using the built-in data viewer, users can trend bearing data over time to establish maintenance schedules.

Dtect-IT is suitable for monitoring up to four tools. It can run as a standalone application or connect to the CNC to command start and stop variables. It collects raw data from any sensor (up to 62,500 data points/s) and can communicate with shopfloor automation systems.


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