Turning Machines

CellCon’s FC-1000-15 is Flexible Face, Centering Machine

CellCon Cellular Concept’s face and centering machine is designed for flexible, pre-turning production operations.


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CellCon Cellular Concept’s face and centering machine is designed for flexible pre-turning production operations and features a Fanuc 35iB CNC. The machine consists of a fully ribbed and welded base, with machined cast iron fixture saddles and spindle slide mounts, all traveling on linear guide rails.

The company says that the slides contain servo-driven ballscrews for precise feed control, providing positioning accuracy of ±0.001" and ±0.0005" repeatability. Each spindle is driven by a 15-hp servomotor to accommodate a range of materials with variable speed control of up to 3,600 rpm. For productivity purposes, CellCon has also included thru-the-tool coolant capability and an HSK63 quick-change receiver for offline presetting capability. The tooling fixtures contain hydraulic, self-centering vises that can be individually positioned for high part rigidity and allow for larger part family sizes with diameters of up to 3" and lengths up to 40". The machine comes with a chip conveyor/coolant system, centralized lubrication system, and guarding for manual operation. It also is available in a fully automated turnkey package that includes automatic door opening, robotic load/unload, parts conveying and more.


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