CNC Lathe Features Integrated Robot

IMTS 2018: Fortune’s Vturn-NP16CM CNC lathe with Easyway robot features a 6" three-jaw hollow hydraulic chuck, a BMT-45 live turret with 12 live tools and more.

Fortune’s Vturn-NP16CM CNC lathe with Easyway robot features a 6", three-jaw, hollow hydraulic chuck; a BMT-45 live turret with 12 live tools; a machine width of 63"; rear chip disposal; a Meehanite, one-piece casting; and roller-type LM guide.

The Easyway robot is seated on the slideways of the tailstock and has three servo motors. The robot accommodates parts as heavy as6.6 lbs, diameters ranging to 4.7" and lengths ranging to 4". The work feeder consists of 10 pallets with dimensions of 6.7" × 15.7" to load up to 120 pieces with part diameters ranging to 1.65".

The company will also display its Vcenter-P136 machining center, its Vturn-Q200T2Y2 CNC lathe and a hybrid plastic injection molding machine with 15" touchscreen.

IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Fortune International Inc.

South, Level 3, Booth 338578

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