CNC Lathe Line Features Range of Spindle Motors

IMTS 2018: Okuma America’s LU7000 EX two-saddle CNC lathe has a wide range of spindle motor specifications for manufacturing large parts.

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Okuma America’s LU7000 EX two-saddle CNC lathe has a wide range of spindle motor options for manufacturing large parts. The machine features a large, 2-m bed and available spindles rated at 45, 55 and 75 kW. The company says it provides stable, heavy-duty cutting with full utilization of upper and lower turrets. Additional machining accuracy is said to be achieved with the company’s Thermo-Friendly Concept, which compensates for temperature changes that occur during machining. Ceiling and front-door shower coolant enable complete chip removal and improved visibility.

The machine accommodates a turning diameter ranging to 35" and a workpiece weight ranging to 24,000 lbs. Four types of spindle bore diameter and five different distances between centers are available. The milling tool spindle, self-traveling tailstock and long boring bar can cut internal diameters as deep as 47". Paired with the company’s Machining Navi T-g threading function, the machine can perform threading operations with minimal chatter.

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