CNC Swiss-Type Offers Ultra-Precision

The CNC Swiss machine, ZPS Swiss, covers the range from 3 to 32 mm bar diameter.

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The CNC Swiss machine, ZPS Swiss, covers the range from 3 to 32 mm bar diameter. The rigid, European-built machine is designed for continuous or series production of precision turned parts. The Swiss-type turning centers are equipped with the GE Fanuc 160i control systems and drives that are capable of handling up to 12 controlled axes.

The programming software, Swiss Plus, simplifies the programming so the programmer takes in consideration only the X and Z axes during programming just as on typical two-axis CNC lathes.

Swiss Plus operates with Windows and offers user-friendly programming adapted for simultaneous operations. Each machining operation is individually programmed in ISO code with graphic interface and tool library. The software generates the part program by taking into consideration the machine kinematics and machine requirements.
It's possible to machine a part with as many as four tools cutting simultaneously. The sliding headstock provides up to 250-mm stroke that enables part machining in succession at one collet clamping as well as the machining of long parts with small diameter.
There are 23 tool stations and 14 stations can be driven, so the machine can finish the most complex parts that are otherwise machined in several operations. The use of two identical spindles increases machining capacity in rear slide operations and enables evacuation of long parts (more than 250 mm) through the subspindle.