Combination Lathes for Small-Batch Production

IMTS 2018: Weiler’s E70HD and E80HD precision lathes have been developed for one-off and small-batch production.

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Weiler’s E70HD and E80HD lathes have been developed for one-off and small-batch production. Each cycle-controlled machine features an SL2 controller with a 15" screen and an intuitive graphic user interface and data management capability. The choice of cutting, grooving and thread cutting cycles has been expanded from previous models.

An operating panel with handwheels enables manual turning. The machine bed has been strengthened and the drive units upgraded to further enhance the smoothness of operation and machining precision, the company says. Both models offer a swing over bed of 720 or 800 mm; turning lengths ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 mm; and a spindle bore of 128, 165 or 216 mm. 

The machines’ optimized drive units and bearings are designed to run smoothly even with heavy-duty workpieces. Additional features and benefits include automatic gear level change, a compact design, maintenance accessibility, and customized solutions and support from the company.

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