Cucchi BLT Bar-Loading Systems Keep Production Flowing

Originally titled 'Bar-Loading Systems Keep Production Flowing'
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PMTS 2019: Cucchi BLT, a part of the Tajmac Group, specializes in automated bar-loading systems for both single and multi-spindle lathes.


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Cucchi BLT’s automated bar-loading systems are designed for both single and multi-spindle lathes. The bar loaders are machines designed for a long life to keep production flowing in a safe and efficient manner. 

The company says it is dedicated to keeping its machinery in prime operating condition. Its service team maintains bar loaders around the world, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. In addition, used bar loaders can be overhauled to extend their productive life or adapted to serve to change needs.


  • Integrated Solutions for Chip Removal and Fluid Filtration

    Shops can easily view chips simply as waste, hardly giving a second thought to the disposal process and the potential related savings. By keeping an eye on the waste and choosing the most efficient methods of chip disposal, a shop can easily add to the bottom line through substantial savings.

  • Line Your Spindles, Line Your Pockets

    Urethane spindle liners present a viable option to steel to fill the gap between spindle ID and bar OD. They protect both the spindle and bar stock and increase machine performance.

  • Robots as Precision Machine Tools

    To remain competitive, high-end manufacturing companies are looking for accurate, reliable and maintenance-free machine tools offering fast change-over, programming and setup. Industrial robot technology could provide an excellent base for machining because it is flexible and affordable.

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Cucchi - BLT America

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