DMP Flex 350 Metal 3D Printing Machine is Ideal for Application Development, Production and R&D

With the DMP Flex 350, manufacturers achieve high repeatability.


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A flexible metal 3D printing unit for 24/7 production of parts up to 275 × 275 × 380 mm in size, the (GF Machining) DMP Flex 350 is the successor to 3D Systems’ ProX DMP 320 metal 3D printer. Ideal for application development, production, and research and development, this machine comes with integrated 3DXpert software, LaserForm materials and application support.

With the DMP Flex 350, manufacturers achieve high repeatability. The machine is said to deliver the purest atmosphere during printing: a consistently low oxygen environment (fewer than 25 parts per million). This solution ensures excellent microstructures and very high density, the company says. Its repeatable, stable mechanical properties allow users to achieve consistent accuracy from one job to another. High quality is further guaranteed by the machine’s print settings.

High throughput is essential to manufacturers’ productivity, and the DMP Flex 350 has that covered, too. High throughput 3D metal printing is ensured by the machine’s fast, bidirectional material deposition, the company says. At the same time, users’ productivity is accelerated by high printer utilization and short change-over time. Productivity is further maximized by its optimized scanning strategies.