3/3/2011 | 1 MINUTE READ

Drew Borders, District Manager

PMTS 2011 interveiw
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We get a lot out of PMTS.

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Our company gets a lot of value out of PMTS. We get to communicate with many of our current, as well as potential customers who are members of the PMPA, gathered from around the country. It is our goal to be an active PMPA technical member, bringing value to the association through the extensive industry knowledge and expertise that we possess. At the same time, we receive many benefits from taking part in the PMPA. We learn industry trends and get to talk to business owners that are always looking for new ways to market their products, hire people and try to stay current and ahead of the competition.

Since Blaser Swisslube is in business to improve our customers’ productivity, and since the majority of the PMPA members use screw machines to produce small precision parts, we work with customers to assure that productivity gains can be realized. A 6-second reduction in a 2-minute cycle time can result in huge cost savings or the opportunity to quote new business. When it comes to metalworking fluids, we not only offer vegetable-based technology products, but also a unique bio concept for our water miscible coolants.

At our company, research and development is given a top priority. Selecting the right metalworking fluid for the application provides many benefits and assures that the customer’s expectations that range from tool life improvements to productivity improvements to addressing health and safety concerns and much more are met.