EDM from MC Machinery Handles Larger Parts

Originally titled 'EDM Handles Larger Parts'

MC Machinery’s MV2400-ST, an electrical discharge machine, is specifically designed for larger-part production, capable of performing submerged cutting up to 16.5" deep.

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MC Machinery’s MV2400-ST, a wire EDM, is specifically designed for large-part production, capable of performing submerged cutting as deep as 16.5". With an annealing length of over 21", its automatic wire threading system can thread the maximum workpiece height both at the start point and through the gap if needed for a broken wire recovery, the company says.

The EDM also features Mitsubishi’s M800-series control with a 19" touchscreen providing easier user interface than previous models. The control uses rotational and tilting functionality while showing job monitoring and other important information in a single view. The new navigation interface is also said to provide intuitive operation for users of different expertise.