Focus-Variation Instrument Measures Accurately in Tight Tolerances

IMTS 2018: Alicona’s µCMM 3D focus-variation measuring instrument is designed for high accuracy in tight tolerances. 

Alicona’s µCMM 3D focus-variation measuring instrument is designed for high accuracy in tight tolerances. Through a combination of tactile coordinate technology and optical surface metrology, the instrument measures dimensions, position, shape and roughness of components with one sensor.

The instrument is capable of measuring small surface details including precise determination of position, through several optical 3D measurements in relation to each other, the company says. The 3D measurement takes place only at the relevant measuring points.With only one sensor, users measure both surface roughness and GD&T features with tolerances in the single-digit µm range. The spectrum of measurable surfaces includes industrial material and composites such as plastic, PCD and ceramics. It accommodates matte, polished and highly reflective components. Features include single-button solutions, automated measuring sequences and ergonomic operating panels such as a specially developed controller. Another feature is measurement automation, achieved by the AutomationManager automation interface to automatically measure surface roughness parameters and GD&T features. An administrator defines the required measuring programs, which are started by an operator. The programs to be measured are selected via drop-down menu or barcode scanner. The measurement result is then completely operator-independent.

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