Full Grip Jaws Hold Workpieces to Maintain Accuracy

Dillon Manufacturing’s full grip jaws completely grip workpieces, holding them in place to maintain repetitive accuracy during high-speed machining operations. 


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Dillon Manufacturing’s full grip jaws are available from 6” to 24” in diameter, with heights of 2, 4, and 6”, and metric sizes from 140 mm to 630 mm in diameter. The jaws completely grip workpieces, holding them in place to maintain repetitive accuracy during high-speed machining operations, the company says. 

The jaws are available in 356-T6 cast aluminum for a lightweight solution that affords corrosion resistance and machinability; 6061 cast iron for a durable, long-lasting solution; or 1018 CR steel for a heat-treatable, weldable solution. According to the company, these pie jaws reduce distortion and provide more friction for drive during turning operations.

The jaws can be used with applications such as valves, cylinders, specialty wheels and gears, housings and enclosures, adaptors and connectors, aluminum and steel shells, flanges, retainer rings, and thin-walled parts such as automotive smog control air pump rotors, gas turbine parts, thin-wall tubing and cylinder liners for diesel engines. They are available to mount either manual or power chucks.  


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