GoProbe App Simplifies Machine Tool Probes and Tool Setters

Renishaw’s GoProbe is an enabling technology designed to make machine tool probes and tool setters easy to use.


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Renishaw has developed a range of smartphone apps for users of machine tool probing hardware. The company’s GoProbe is an enabling technology embedded in the Renishaw macro-based software packages. Together with associated training materials and user reference tools, this technology is designed to make Renishaw machine tool probes and tool setters easy to use.

The GoProbe has a programming format that consists solely of a single-line command. This eliminates the need for extensive knowledge of machine codes and programming techniques.

The app allows users to create the single-line command by selecting the required cycle from the displayed menu to then populate a series of data entry fields. The command is generated by the app and displayed on screen ready for input to the CNC machine tool control. Where required, further assistance is available in the form of animations, help images and associated text.


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