Hainbuch’s Centrotex S Part Clamping System Designed for Small Workspaces

Mini clamping device changeover system requires less tightening torque to speed up assembly and reduce changeover times.


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Hainbuch’s Centrotex S is a mini version of its part clamping device

Hainbuch’s Centrotex S

Hainbuch’s Centrotex S

changeover system, enabling actuation with just one screw to reduce setup time. According to the company, the clamping device enables changeover in less than one minute.

The system was designed to enable a robot to quickly change the clamping device. With less tightening torque than is required with the large variant (Centrotex M), the Centrotex S can be assembled more quickly.

The company says the clamping system provides high repeatability and a more ergonomic operation. With a diameter of 52 mm and a small outer diameter of 224 mm, the Centrotex S changeover system is well suited for machines with a small workspace.

Setup is simple, the company says. The machine adapter is mounted on the spindle, enabling the adapter and the adapter counterpart (which is equipped with the clamping device) to be exchanged in a short time. The result is faster setup times, ROI and cutting times. The Centrotex systems can be utilized with either a Hainbuch-supplied chuck or a customer’s existing chuck.


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