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Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machine Cuts Complex Turned, Milled Parts

The machine features 12 independently driven workpiece spindles and up to 18 machining modules in both horizontal and vertical positions, enabling challenging machining tasks to be performed from six sides.


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Hydromat RT 100-12 CNC rotary transfer machine

Hydromat RT 100-12 CNC rotary transfer machine 

Hydromat’s RT 100-12 CNC rotary transfer machine enables machining of complex turned and milled parts. According to the company, the machine offers uncompromising cutting of high-strength materials within the areas of rotating, milling and drilling with maximum precision and process reliability in mass production.

The 12 independently driven workpiece spindles and up to 18 machining modules in both horizontal and vertical positions enable challenging machining tasks to be performed from six sides. The machining can be carried out from the bar and from the blank. When blanks are processed, the workpieces are not merely loaded but also measured in their clamping positions and adjusted accordingly in the subsequent machining stations. This enables any potential dimensional fluctuations to be detected and then compensated.

The RT 100-12’s high modularity provides a myriad of configuration possibilities for optimal and cost-effective workpiece production. This includes the machining of both stationary and rotating workpieces. The machine system is easily reconfigurable with the ability for simultaneous machining from five sides without reclamping, the company says.

The machine includes cycle time-parallel loading and unloading of workpieces. A Bosch MTX control can control up to 99 axes simultaneously, while its rotary indexing table is said to offer endless cycling due to its slip ring technology. It features multi-stage tools, both stationary and rotating; and a crown turret head for up to six rotating spindles or stationary tool holders. The company says it offers compensation of the most precise dimensions thanks to reliable in-process measurement.

The RT 100-12 features a mineral cast machine base for maximum rigidity and damping. Its 3-axis machining module offers a setup of up to 18 implementable machining modules (12 horizontal and 6 vertical) all on the same basic module. Standardized interfaces ensure a consistent modularity. Milling, drilling or turning tasks can be freely performed, enabling up to 96 tools to be used, whereby a maximum of 18 tools can be simultaneously engaged.


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